Birds for Adoption

Birds here are mostly accident victims.

Across my property is a single power line and often parrots like galahs and little corellas fly through it and their wings can get severely damaged, so much so that they are grounded for the remainder of their lives.

A parrot can climb a tree but getting down is virtually impossible without a functioning wing and once on the ground they fall victim to feral cats and foxes.

Youngsters are the usual problem they have no idea what a power line is and crash into it when flying at speed,some do not survive the initial injury, wings ripped off is something they cannot overcome, but some have them dislocated and badly bruised and will never fly.

I have picked up many and found that they tame down quickly and can be rehomed fairly quickly. But that transition period can be months and I do need help at times from a Vet or ornithologist.

The raptors are the hardest and those I leave to experts, but parrots can sometimes be cute and friendly although Corellas can be very noisy at dusk and dawn they do make lovely pets and can learn to talk.
Older birds never really tame down but they adapt to a cage fairly quickly.
I have kept several and they at times have the freedom of the house, play with the dogs and cats, occasionally chew the furniture and play a lot with toys.The featured image is a young corella sitting atop a door and playing with a cat. (my cats are trained not to harm any birds) the male below decided to eat meat and help the cats,I do not allow this to happen but he was quick and I did not have the heart to tell him he was a cannibal, as it was chicken mince.


In captivity and usually small cages they need to be exercised and roam free for mental stimulation. It would be nice to have a large aviary that may come later.


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