little Sweetie

Little Sweetie

Little Sweetie is my newest rescue.

This scrawny little Saanen doe was owned by some cruel hobby farmers that got tired after only a short time of breeding milking goats to boer goats,something that should not be done unless you are able to milk the mums when they kid, they refused to milk the mums so the goats produced a lot of milk and many became ill with mastitis.

Instead of treating them they used them as target practice and shot most of the herd.

A neighbour called a friend of mine and she quickly went out there only to find one doe left, in very poor condition and she paid $50 for her and brought her here.

She now has been wormed, vaccinated and will be blood tested  before joining the herd.

She is very skittish and nervous. Goats should never see their friends die, they never really recover and she is traumatised.

She has to be on a chain for a time in quarantine. She is already after one week looking better and eats whatever she is given.
She is staying here as her forever home but would love to be adopted.


I have had her 5 weeks and in that time she has grown healthier and starting to be friendly.


She is well named Little Sweetie is that, she now comes and checks you out in case you have a tidbit to eat, is gaining weight and has been put to a rather lovey Saanen buck so in 5 months may be a mother.

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