Our Aims

Mizoulea will in time be able to help most animals, we are growing and have help from people in the local community. We do need money to feed any extra animals and at the moment cannot accept lambs unless we get more donations. $50 would feed a lamb for 1 week on special formula. They need a minimum of 8 weeks of special milk and feed.

Mizoulea has been a name known  connected to animal breeding since the early ’70’s

During all those years we have rehomed hundreds cats, dogs, horses,goats and birds.

When working in a vet clinic I and a friend  placed hundreds of dogs and cat in their forever homes.

Now so many decades later I find I have animals that cannot leave, they bond to me and the farm and never behave with others.

I love them but I have to limit numbers unless this farm can be turned into a small sanctuary with help from outsiders, so an adoption plan has been devised and YOU can help with their upkeep and the building of aviaries and good fencing for the horses.

These animals have been abused or dumped, starved and beaten and need very special care.

I am a Reiki Master and this has been my way of helping and it works.




Help look after their special needs