Bakir was given to me as a skinny 5 week old foal, his mother had died and he was left alone.I put him in with my goat kids and he took to the bottle reluctantly but survived.

He was a gentle gelding, not too bright, but a lovely horse. I had plans for him until the day he ripped open his side, a vet bill and 44 stitches later meant that Bakir could possibly never be ridden, so he became a pet.

He has good manners as when a baby he got into a temper when he did not want to do what I was asking of him and he kicked me, before pain hit me I bit him hard on the ear,enough to make him hurt and he never tried that again.

Bakir loved washing goats and would call them to the fence to clean them the photo is of him washing LS

Mac 037

I have always believed in discipline with animals no matter the breed or size and they respect me, but you do have to be consistent.

Bakir is now 13 yrs old and will end his days here.

Adopting him means plenty of mineral licks and carrots.

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