Animal Antics

  • Merlin playing with Siri
    Merlin playing with Siri
  • Raven eating maggots
    Raven eating maggots
  • OH MUM!!!! HELP
    OH MUM!!!! HELP
  • LS scratching his back with a stick
    LS scratching his back with a stick
  • A Belly rub Annabel style
    A Belly rub Annabel style

These pictures were all taken at Mizoulea over a period of 20 years:

vaccuming a catHow to get rid of fleas Vacuum your cat

raven as a babyThis is raven the ravenous, he was a baby that fell out of the nest after a severe storm, I hand raised him, he loved it in the house, but as he grew into an adult he became more wild so I released him, and now 5 years later he is still around, sometimes will fly around me begging for food, especially when feeding babies and will of course steal eggs. In this photo he is eating maggots which I breed for most of my birds as well as meal worms.

DSC02278A cuddle session

Mac 018Kouri being introduced to my goats, she was just weeks old and is now about 12 yrs old.

Book 035LS scratching his back with a stick.

feb trans 027Annabel balancing on a food bin so that she could scratch her abdomen.

pics from camera 170 G-Fer was always in trouble, It took two of us to remove the tyre.

2012-12-16 11.47.57MoutiĀ  always loved sleeping here until the day she fell and sadly it killed her.

DSC00019I went to get feed and found this in a 44 gallon drum, mother and baby possum.

Tuki stealing mulberry leavesTuki stealing mulberry leaves.

Goldy with 2 miceGoldy with two mice in her mouth, she never believed in sharing.

DSC_0494Fluffy Chook being a cannibal.

corellas2000 corellas destroying my trees.

Merlin sucking BeckyBecky feeding Merlin


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