The Battery Hens

I have several breeds of chickens here.

Frizzels, cross breeds and the Isa Brown battery hens.


The battery hens live in huge enclosed sheds, very crowded, very stressed and at 18 months they are sent to slaughter.

I have a friend that will go and  buy them for just a couple of dollars each and we put them in a small area to recover and regrow their feathers.

pics from camera 110Once they have grown a good  lot of feathers they are released into a back  yard with a good shed and no fox problems where as you can see in the top image they immediately have a sand bath, something they have never had.

They usually live a few more years  unlike my my normal hens who  live up to 21 years usually around 10 – 15 before the fall off their perch.But at least these battery girls have fun and learn to be real chooks, if they choose they can be mums, it is amusing when they see their first rooster. You cannot help but laugh at these little dinosaur tarts.

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