leesa lewis from cambrai and her dairy goats.

My Animals

I have always collected animals in distress, It was something I learnt as a child, Mum and Dad were the same, before I was 8 years old we had 20 cats, I only found one of those. I have always been surrounded with them. I have the same number now, all but one were rescues.

Dad set up a breeding cattery and we did cat shows for a number of years and very successfully.

Federal show

But kittens were only bred if we had orders prior to mating.

I worked in a vet Clinic and this story was published in local paper when I was moving  to Nowra in late  1979

vet clinic story   cat vet clinic

We did a lot of publicity in local newspaper and it was rare that a cat or dog had to be put down.

When I moved to SA I brought the remnants of the cattery with me and they were old cats, up to 17 yrs old but they deserved a nice end to their working lives and they passed on from old age.

I now have rescues, all shapes and sizes most were dumped here and some actually walked in and stayed. Two ferals have lived outside for mouse control, they are well fed and often seen asleep with birds walking around them, they do not kill any wildlife.I would love to have them desexed but catching a feral is not easy .

I was given two foals that had lost their mums to hand raise and they were a lesson I loved, I still have one, Bakir but Bijou was given away, he was too intelligent for me and needed someone who could ride him and he went to a lovely home and is now about 14 yrs old.

Birds just arrive, usually hitting power lines and badly injured, they too are rehomed when recovered but I do need a good aviary for those that will not make good pets.

It was suggested by a friend years ago to set up an adoption place so that people that cannot have animals can actually help with their upkeep and visit them if they live nearby, or I send them updates regularly

Help look after their special needs