Old Goosey

This elderly goose was given to me because her entire flock was killed by a fox and she  was the last survivor. If she had stayed where she was the next night she too would have fallen victim to the predator. No one wants old birds.

She is approximately 15 yrs old.A cross between  a Chinese goose and a Toulouse gander. She now will come up to you and ask for attention.

She had the freedom of a large property but now is happy to stay in an enclosed backyard sharing it with a few battery hens and a couple of tethered goats.

She is often seen sharing a meal with Little Sweetie, a saanen goat and is content to rest and enjoy her daily bath.DSC_0024_01

The Old girl Passed away in her sleep a few weeks ago, It was a sad time but she was very old.

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