Gimli is a cross breed, maltese, shihtzu and a big boy about 4 yrs old with a real loveable goofy face.

I just put him in the house with the cats , Hanna and the Chihuahua and he thought it was heaven.

He came with his toys which he picks up looks at you as if to say, “playtime,Now”.

His coat is a mess and it will take me a long time to get the mats out, it is too cold to clip him and today I will start.
He did not like his dinner, raw meat, he is overweight and fed canned rubbish, so he will learn to eat like a real dog and lose all the flab he has while in transition.
I have put him up on my mizoulea-sanctuary site as he is high maintenance and I may have to pay someone to regularly groom him.
While I am typing this he is at the door with the toy in his big mouth and asking.
This lovely dog is in need of grooming and it will happen very slowly.
He came with rotten fur trapped in his teeth and with gingivitis, all will be treated within the next few days.
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Gimli is now living in Morgan and has a perfect home with an elderly couple that adores him

Love it when that happens

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