Mr Sparkey

This little Chihuahua, was sort of a rescue, I did pay a pittance for him just to rescue him. He needed lots of love and tlc to teach him to be a dog.

Mind you he has the attitude of a Pit bull when angry.

He was 10 months old, a cryptorchid, has a terrible mouth, ears are flopped and he looks like a mini bull dog, a tiny rear end and a big head. Truly bad breeding.

He had spent 10 months in a breeders kennel and was totally neurotic when I got him a year ago.

He is a house dog and I will keep him, desexing is out of the question financially as it would be horrific to find the testes., he is infertileĀ  so no real problem.

He has turned into a total angel with me but is terrified of strangers, scared witless of brooms and loves all the cats.

He plays with my Maremma Shari and is a great watchdog.


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