Goats for Adoption

Mizoulea has had dairy goats for almost 30 years.
These lovely goats gave large quantities of milk, have been exported around the world and have supplied many orphans with their life giving milk

Saphire 005
My herd was about 50 animals until a few years ago they started dying and we could not find out why. It took a very good vet from SA DPI to find the solution. Mycotoxin, The goats were being poisoned by their feed, mainly their hay and there was little we could do to save them. All my best does and bucks died.
I am now treating the remainder of the herd and all appears to be alright, even now I may still lose two of my girls, even though we are treating them, the treatment does not help goats already afflicted it is only a preventative.
The stuff costs $400 a 20 kg bag and all hay eating animals need between 3 and 6 grams per day.
I have only got 2 milkers and have 6 young kids.
Some were saved by being adopted from my old adopt a goat site but they will be on here as well, you actually need more than one person adopting a goat to make a difference.
The kids that I have here are all born to does that died on their birthday. A tragedy that was so raw at the time it made me ill. So I now spend a lot of time with these kids and they are doing well.
I do have too many bucks but they were kept because their lines have vanished when mum died and a lot of selective breeding will continue over the next five years.




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