Horses for Adoption

  • Monty
  • Pepper
  • Rusty
  • Bakir & Qiz
    Bakir & Qiz

Three of the seven horses here we rescued, the stallion Monty because he was no longer wanted and Little Pepper because she was constantly beaten and traumatised and Bakir was given to me at 5 weeks of age to hand raise as his mother had died and he would not have survived.

I do have other horses ,Tuki I bought because she came from a lovely breeder and was quiet and gentle and Qiz who, when I visited the property would not leave my side as a 15 month old, semi wild herd.

I only wanted to breed from Qiz one foal and was given another rescue, a very old stallion palouse called Midge who has since passed on of old age, yet he produced a beautiful colt, soon to be gelded, called Sandy.

Monty was put to Tuki and produced Rusty a lovely little filly.

I will have all of these up for adoption

Help look after their special needs