Cats for Adoption

Mizoulea used to be a large breeding Cattery in NSW, but now has only one breeding cat.

Living out in the almost bush means when people know you like cats they get dumped on you. , All my cats are rescues except one.

These rescues can arrive in many ways.
In a box at my door, brought to me injured and owner never seen again, sometimes they just walk in.

Recently a friend and I were driving down the road only to see this tiny kitten , barely able to walk scurrying across the road.
We of course stopped and picked up this tiny spitting ball of fluff and took him home. I named him Merlin and you will find his story here.

These cats need many things and at times more than just a caring home and plenty of food.
Neutering and desexing, vaccinations and micro chipping is very expensive out here as we do have 120k’s round trip for vet care and because of that many do get put down, but I have reached the stage where doing this is heartbreaking, kittens i can usually rehome but adults that is a real problem and here is where you can help.
A small donation given regularly or a one off donation will help with the costly burden.
It is simple to give updates on your animal on this site I have built.




Help look after their special needs