Merlin has a very unusual story.
In early March 2015 I was with a friend to go on our regular shopping trip when we saw on the road a tiny lump that as when the truck approached it wobbled to the road side.
It was a tiny kitten.
We of course stopped and caught this tiny spitting an hissing little fluff ball, put it in a shopping bag and then quickly did our shopping and took the little one home.

We thought because there were no homes around that he was thrown out of a car and sustained luckily minor injuries.He was sore for about a week.

I put him in a cat cage I hand fed him, he loved the goats milk, wolfed down a bit of mince and that was truly amazing as he could only have been 3-4 weeks old. He was painfully thin and had a cut on his lip he was scruffy and very dirty, it was not until the next day that I realised he had white paws.

When we caught him he was all hisses and spits but once fed and settled that night he was friendly. So he was not a feral, had been handled and was used to human contact.

The photo above was taken the next day the one below as well, he was taken in by my Siamese as well as my friends visiting Maltese bitch who allowed the little kitten to suckle her.

He is now part of the extended cat family.

MerlinMerlin sucking Becky


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