monty for slider


Monty was a rescue, but I had to pay for him.

He was no longer wanted by owner and was possibly going to horse sales,who knows what would have happened to the little guy,

He is 35 inches tall, is about 10 years old and has a lovely gentle personality, he is very much a stallion but ever so sweet. he chatters to you all the time, loves chasing the chooks but never catches them even though he could do so easily.

I teased up his mane for fun

Monty hairdo

Loves to go for walks on a lead and calls the little mares and one big mare in  other paddocks.

He has his own small area, about 50 feet square, with chook and pigeon cages on one side and tall overhanging pepper tree and shed with a fenced off mulberry tree. It has to be fenced off because Monty adores mulberry leaves and he gets them regularly as a treat.

If you adopt him all monies go towards Farrier, Monty has feet that grow very quickly and constantly need attention.Also being an older pony he needs lots of added minerals and worming regularly.



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